Tuesday, September 11, 2012


This little doll is my latest project.
He is a BJD and came to me "blank", looking like an alien. He didn't have any color, no eyes,  no hair and no clothes.

I did my first face-up on him which turned out o.k., although I think my next one will look better. 
 I still had unused eyes from a doll sculpting class I did with Jack Johnston a couple of years ago and 
 made a wig from faux fur. 
He looked quite good but still needed clothes. I couldn't find any in my stash and had to make his outfit. I got some children's clothes which worked really well.

These little dolls are addictive and fun to play with because of her endless posing possibilities. 
The next one I will make into a girl! At the moment she still looks like an alien. 

It was fun to work on something different for a change!


  1. marion so ein bezauberndes Mädchen, bin ganz verliebt in die Kleine

    Liebe Grüsse von Sylvia

  2. Hallo Sylvia, ich habe viel Spass dabei gehabt, aus dem "Ausserirdischen" ein Puppenkind zu machen. Mein naechstes Projekt wartet schon drauf in Angriff genommen zu werden.

    Liebe Gruesse

  3. Marion what a darling. You can put your hand to anything. When I heard you had been to one of Jack Johnson's classes it made me feel envious. (which is not nice.) I love that man's work so much.

    1. Thank you Kay! I actually did two of his classes and enjoyed it tremendously! His work is incredible and of course he is a great teacher. For a while I even preferred sculpting dolls more than crocheting bears. It just takes up so much time that at one point you have to make a decision what to cut down on. I choose crocheting bears, but now I am happy to be able to "play" with BJD's by giving them my own personality! They get along great with my bears.