Sunday, July 29, 2012

This is Charles, a new crocheted bear.
Charles is available for adoption on Bear Pile:

This little guy looks so much cuter in person. I would have loved to take better pictures, but the mosquitos are so bad that I really don't want to go outside again. It is hot and humid, a mosquito paradise. Yesterday I went to our local farmer's market and bought some soap that according to the sales person keeps mosquitos away. Since it was all organic without chemicals I was very excited. You rub it on your exposed skin and the strong peppermint smell should keep the little pests away.  Didn't work with me! As soon as I was outside to take pictures for just minutes, I got attacked by hoards of mosquitos and decided, whatever pictures were in my camera, needed to do the trick.
I am ready for fall!


  1. Those mozzys are a pest. Your little guy looks wonderful. No need to take more photos. Very cute, a real ragamuffin.

  2. Thank you Kay! I still might take another picture before he is leaving me tomorrow. He has found a new mommy already.

    Maybe if I wear lots of clothes the mosquitos can't get to me! It might look a little funny when it is around 100 degrees, but better sweating than getting bitten! lol


  3. Hallo Marion,
    so etwas zartes und hübsches. Gefällt mir wieder sehr, sehr gut.
    Ganz liebe Grüße über den "großen Teich" von