Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Another new bearkidz baby is born! Ethan is smaller than the bears I recently made. he is only 5.5 inches tall, crocheted from a short eyelash yarn and 5-way jointed. I am not a big knitter, although I enjoy knitting for my bears. At the moment I love making and dressing them in little hooded jackets. The next winter is just around the corner! Ethan is listed for adoption on Bear Pile:

Friday, August 26, 2011


I would like to introduce my new bear Milton. He is entirely crocheted, one-of-a-kind and stands 8 inches tall. Milton is 5-way jointed and filled with sheep wool and safely encased steel shot to give him a nice weight. To keep him warm I have knitted a hooded jacket from premium angora yarn.
Milton is listed for adoption on Bear Pile:

It is extremely warm and I am so much looking forward to my favorite season of the year: Fall! After the earthquake we had a couple of days ago, we are now waiting for Hurricane Irene to pass by. I completely missed the earthquake, in my house I felt nothing. Some streets over the houses were shaking. Hopefully Irene will miss us completely and I hope she will also not do serious damage to the east coast! Let's cross fingers!

I wish everybody a nice weekend!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Christmas in Summer

These 2 pictures were taken in 2 different stores yesterday!

We still have around 90 degrees and sunshine. It is hot and humid! For me to see Christmas decorations is a little too early! We haven't even had Halloween yet!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Another bearkidz bear is "born": Rascal. I have chosen this name although I already made a Rascal several years ago. The "old" Rascal has never been offered for sale and is part of my personal collection. Therefore I felt comfortable to name this little one Rascal as well. This was the name that came to my mind the moment I saw the spiky fur developing when I crocheted him. I also knitted his hoodie and crocheted the blanket he sits on.
Rascal will be listed for adoption on Bear Pile:

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Krissy is a finalist in the 2011 URSA Awards Competition

My bear Krissy is a finalist in the 2011 URSA Awards Competition! I am doing the Happy Dance! Please vote in round 2! It is easy, no sign up, no email, just a klick with you computer mouse! Here is the link:
You vote for one bear out of all the bears shown! These are the top 3 finalist in each category! Each one of these bears has won either first, second or third place which will be announced in the October edition of the online magazine Bears and Buds (
Thank you for voting!