Friday, January 14, 2011

We got up very early to drive from Florida's east coast to Naples on the west coast. Arriving in Naples it was very cold, colder than in other years. The first show day was again enjoyable and some bears found new homes. I also found a new doll that I had to adopt, her face is just too cute! One can never have enough dolls and bears! lol
I am looking forward to tomorrow's second show day which hopefully will be a little more on the warmer side.


  1. OOOOO! Yes, you HAD to adopt her--she is just too SWEET! Good choice! I'm glad your show is going well and hope today's goes even better!

  2. Marion - I love this precious doll's face. She looks like my childhood doll, I called Suzie. Do her elbows and knees bend and is she a walker with holes in her tummy for a voice box? What a wonderful find!

  3. Just got back from Florida after a 10 hour drive. Sorry, I couldn't answer earlier as I haven't been on the computer since the show.

    Cheryl: Thanks and congratulations on your TOBY win! Very well deserved!

    MaryAnn: This doll is Saucy Walker. Her knees and elbows do not bend since she is the small 16 inch size. She has holes in her tummy and also makes noise and I just love her face.

    Have a wonderful Sunday!