Wednesday, July 21, 2010


It is so hot! Temperatures in the upper 90s and sometimes exceeding the 100 degrees are really not my thing! As I had said in one of my earlier posts, I am ready for fall! Enough of that heat!

I have been working on a new bear which turned out to look like he is ready for the cold. The combination of yarns I have used to crochet him resulted in a soft and fluffy "coat", hence his name: Shaggy. The color reminds me of ice! Just perfect when working in this heat. The little guy is 8.5 inches tall, one of a kind and as always crocheted without the use of any pattern. He comes with a crocheted collar and his wooden elephant on wheels.

He will be offered for adoption on my website. In case of any questions please send me an email to:

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  1. The fact that your little bears are crocheted seriously astounds me... I've been trying to figure out how to crochet a hacky-sac for ages and can't figure it out... (the stupid book I have is clear as mud and makes assumptions about me knowing crocheting terms and stitches!)

    So your work absolutely astounds me :)

    And I'm ready for fall too... but they can keep winter... I'll just take Fall and Spring on a continuous loop, please :)