Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mica, a new bearkidz baby

When I started this blog I had planned to update it more frequently than I actually got a chance to do over the last few weeks. However, I was busy working on bears which takes up a lot of time.

As you know, all my bears are crocheted. I don't work with a piece of fabric but rather have to create my "fabric" stitch by stitch. My bears are created from a combination of eyelash yarns and a crochet hook, and of course my imagination! When I start, I have some thread and the crochet hook in my hands. To make each one of my bears truly one of a kind, I never use any kind of pattern, nor do I write any patterns.

Here is my latest bear: Mica. Mica is crocheted from a very soft and silky yellow eyelash yarn and stands 9.5 inches tall. I will soon list her on my website for adoption.

Have a wonderful day and bear hugs from Marion!


  1. und wieder sitze ich vor Deinem süßen Bärchen und denke mir, das ist doch gar nicht möglich, das er gehäkelt und nicht genäht ist.
    Einfach unglaublich wie Du das schaffst, Deine Bären so perfekt aussehen zu lassen!!!

    Ganz liebe Grüße

  2. Danke fuers Kompliment, Gabriele! Habe gerade mal in Deinen Blog geschaut und Deine gewonnene Kette bewundert! Glueck muss der Mensch haben!

    Ganz liebe Gruesse von Marion

  3. Hello Marion
    Mica is absolutely gorgeous!

  4. Thank you Hillary. I looked at your bears and can only return the compliment!